The college deservedly prides itself on having a well qualified teaching staff approved by C.C.S. University Meerut. All the lecturers are involved in further research works with teaching. They are also dedicated to necessary community development according to their interests.

S.No. Photo Name Qualification Designation
1. BCE Dr. Deepti Bhal M.A., Ph.D. Principal
2. BCE Dr. Parima Dalal M.A.(Eco),M.Ed.,Ph.D.(Edu) Lecturer B.Ed.
3. BCE Smt. Sudha M.Sc.(Chemistry), M.Ed., M.Phil.(Edu) Lecturer B.Ed.
4. BCE Sh. Vikash Malik M.A. (Education), M.Phil. Lecturer B.Ed.
5. BCE Sh. Sanjay Saxena M.A. (Sociology,Edu), M.Ed. Lecturer B.Ed.
6. BCE Sh. Rajkamal M.A. (History), M.Ed. Lecturer B.Ed.
7. BCE Sh. Amitosh Tiwari M.A.(Geography), M.Ed. Lecturer B.Ed.
8. BCE Sh. Devendra Singh M.Sc.(Maths), M.Ed. Lecturer B.Ed.
9. BCE Sh. Rajkumar Singh M.Sc.(Phy. Sc.) Lecturer B.Ed.
10. BCE Smt. Pooja Rani M.A.(English), M.Ed. Lecturer B.Ed.
11. BCE Sh. Ajay Singh M.A.(Geography, Hindi), M.Ed. Lecturer B.Ed.
12. BCE Dr. Subodh Kumar Singh M.A.(Eco., Hindi), M.Ed., Ph.D.(Education) Lecturer B.Ed.
13. BCE Sh. Rishipal Singh M.A.(Pol.Sc.), M.Ed., NET(Education) Lecturer B.Ed.
14. BCE Sh. Mohit Yadav M.Com., M.Ed. Lecturer B.Ed.
15.   Dr. Amit Bansal M.Com., Ph.D. Lecturer B.Com.
16.   Sh. Harish Kumar M.Com., NET Lecturer B.Com.
17.   Sh. Sunil Kumar M.Com., M.Phil. Lecturer B.Com.
18.   Sh. Rishu Jain MCA Lecturer BCA
19.   Sh. Avi Jain MCA Lecturer BCA
20.   Smt. Rashika Malik MCA Lecturer BCA
21.   Sh. Rajeev Malik MCA Lecturer BCA
22.   Sh. Shrey Aggarwal MBA Lecturer BBA
23.   Smt. Jharna Kelkar MBA Lecturer BBA
24.   Sh. Himanshu Rathi PGDM Lecturer BBA
25.   Dr. Vikrant Rajput M.A.(English), M.Phil., Ph.D. Lecturer B.A.
26.   Dr. Vandana Verma M.A.(Home Sc.), Ph.D., NET Lecturer B.A.
27.   Dr. Reeta Gaur M.A.(Hindi), Ph.D. Lecturer B.A.
28.   Sh. Devendra Kumar M.A.(Pol.Sc.), NET Lecturer B.A.
29.   Dr. M.P. Singh M.A.(History), Ph.D. Lecturer B.A.
30.   Sh. Amit Chikara M.A.(Sociology), NET Lecturer B.A.