The college has lush green lawns with shadowy trees and fragrant flowers adding to its exotic locale. The college is housed in the newly and artistically planned building on 40,000 sq. feet land piece. The environment of the college is hygienic and pollution free. There are enough big Principal Office, Computerized clerk office, Teaching staff room, and Welcome room in the college. There are a richly maintained library, well equipped Science, Psychology, and technical laboratories and computer room. The new furniture placed in the snug and airy class rooms make the teaching-learning process a meaningful and pleasurable exercise.

Requisite Facilities:
  • There are electric ceiling fans in every room and also an alternative arrangement of generator in the college.
  • There is a water cooler for the cold and drinking water.
  • The college has a fine canteen where delicious and hygienic breakfast and food is available for the students cheaply.
  • There are separate girls’ and boys’ common rooms and attached toilet facility for both.
  • There is a vastly spacious playground in which courts of all games are made as directed by the University.